Afro vegan
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Afro vegan
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Migrants make proposals to the host society in Europe for a solidary and resource-saving future. Accompanying the actions, the "#AfroVeganLifestyle" is popularised and ecological concepts from non-Western countries are communicated. This form of environmental ethics from a postcolonial perspective requires a transcultural interaction of knowledge, experience, perspectives. Approaches by Thomas Sankara and the "father of agroecology" Pierre Rabhi on reforestation and moderate management are used as sources of inspiration, as are forms of action by ecofeminists Vandana Shiva and Wangari Maathai. The Senegalese social scientist Felwine Sarr calls for a real decolonisation and a rethinking of economy, politics and coexistence, away from the western, colonially enforced development model and the imperial growth philosophy. Sarr advocates the self-determined return of African societies to displaced resources, which together with utopian and futuristic visions lead to an African cultural revolution.

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With: Larry Moore Macaulay, Rabea Al-Sayed, Don Jegosah, Moaeed Shekhane

Supported by NUE: Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung.