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© Jens Wassmuth
Asset 59859
© Jens Wassmuth


Konzert / Support: Anna von Hausswolff


pre-sale 25 euro / evening box 29 euro

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8:00 PM


Michael Gira and his band SWANS are the reference when it comes to the musical end-of-the-world and its post-apocalyptic recovery. Since 1982, the cowboy-hat-wearing man of sorrow has stood on the blazing pyre of modern rock music, playing through his pain to reach moments of redemption – and becoming better and better. Now, in advance of Gira’s plans to dissolve Swans in its current form, comes the album »The Glowing Man«: a more-than-two-hour rollercoaster ride through the darkest of lows and the most ethereal of highs.

Concert Preview

STILL ALIVE: SYRIAN DIASPORIC SOUNDS 07.-08.10 Bohren und der Club of Gore 08.10. SWANS 17.10. Angel Olsen 19.10. Phuong-Dan presents: »MUSIC FROM HIGH WIRES #4« Mit Torresch u.A. 21.10. Oriental Karaoke 22.10. JAMES RHODES 25.10 Dillon 26.10. DIE GROSSE GOLDEN PUDEL GALA »28.10. Jenny Hval 28.10.

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