Live Art Festival #14 An Antifascist Summer Dream

Not only Shakespeare or Martin Luther King had midsummer night’s dreams, dreams run through the worlds of art, pop and everyday life and connect them with each other. Between the European elections and European Championship fever, the LIVE ART FESTIVAL is now dedicated to collective day and night dreaming. Strenuous wokeness takes a short break and is complemented by a collective “Antifascist Summer Dream”. In addition to great art and summer socialising opportunities, there will be plenty of work-outs, training sessions and teach-ins on the topic of “antifascism” that invite active participation and involvement. Collective dreaming is not escapism, but an attempt to create an innovative anti-fascist basic consensus that thinks physicalities far removed from the “ethnic”. And formulating dreams can make it easier to talk about visions of a better world. The fanfare of the Rocky Horror Show says “Don’t dream it – be it”. And this call will be realised during the two festival weeks with the activities of the “Antifascist Summer School”. There will be training sessions with various artists, workshops and teach-ins. The broad-based programme is intended to offer as many people as possible diverse approaches and concrete participation formats for the new basic anti-fascist consensus. Alerta!

Seven festivals will take place in Hamburg between June and October 2024, focusing on contemporary art and local and international networking: Altonale, Blurred Edges, Fringify - Independent Arts Festival, Short Film Festival Hamburg, Live Art Festival Kampnagel and Stimme X in June and fluctoplasma in October. These festivals join forces to promote the visibility and relevance of the arts in the city and to support the mutually enriching, sustainable and solidary realization of their events.