A lush green hill in front of a bright blue sky.
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A lush green hill in front of a bright blue sky.

Running Up That Hill

Abschlussarbeiten Regie Schauspiel der Theaterakademie Hamburg

RUNNING UP THAT HILL – this year’s graduates are accepting the challenge. They are entering the theater landscape with fresh impulses and the courage to take risks. Theater making, theater watching, theater funding – these are no longer things that can be taken for granted. The years of isolation have taught them that they need to actively shape these spaces in the face of post-pandemic austerity policies. They take their ideals seriously – they strive for cooperation on an equal level and a healthier rhythm for artistic creation. The Bachelor’s degrees are the first step on the way to a precarious future. But still: Running up that hill. Who, if not they?

The graduation projects 2024 of the Theaterakademie Hamburg, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, are funded by the Mara & Holger Cassens Foundation, Dr Margitta and Dietmar Lambert Foundation Fund under the umbrella of the Hamburg Cultural Foundation, the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S., the Rudolf Augstein Foundation and the ZEIT Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius.