Fokus Tanz #9: On Mobility

In the century of global migration, in which around 1.5 billion people are currently on the move, the ninth FOKUS TANZ uses choreographic means to question norms around mobility. The social scientist Dr. Mimi Sheller states a fundamental crisis of mobility. Power relations and injustices shape the control over general flows of movement. FOKUS TANZ turns its attention to this systematic injustice, which defines, evaluates and assigns or denies mobility on the basis of a privileged position. In her first guest performance at Kampnagel, the Portuguese choreographer and dancer Diana Niepce questions the traces and images that the history of dance has left in our mental archives with O OUTRO LADO DA DANçA. Saïdo Lehlouh, part of the Collectif FAIR-E from Rennes, choreographs INSIGHT! with 16 Hamburg dancers to recreate a new local adaptation of his piece: An evening full of narratives of marginalised dance languages that carry in their vocabulary infinite layers and stories of movement. Throughout FOKUS TANZ, THE GYM offers daily workouts, intensive weekend sessions, mental workouts and massage healing for the audience. With MOTHERING MOVE(S) in the foyer, Liz Rech and Sylvi Kretzschmar create a space in which realities of art production in connection with motherhood are negotiated with artists and spectators. The discourse programme PERSPECTIVES ON MOBILITY AND MOBILISATION brings together different perspectives on mobility and highlights the impact of unevenly distributed mobility on artistic biographies and aesthetics: Mimi Sheller herself, the Ugandan choreographer and dancer Tebandeke Joseph and Kampnagel favourite, philosopher and choreographer Michael Turinsky give crisp, critical impulses on the topic of mobility and then enter into conversation with each other. The artist collective La Fleur has produced a film about their artistic, transnational work especially for FOKUS TANZ – don‘t miss it in THE GYM!