Decolonial Gaze: Chilehaus

Ein immersives, digitales Werkzeug zum Verständnis von Kolonialität und zur Schaffung neuer Formen der Erinnerungskultur.


Use of the app: free of charge. Guided tour: Free of charge with registration via ticket link.


Ab 16 Jahren

Past dates

6/7/23 - 6/11/23

All day



6:00 PM

DECOLONIAL GAZE: CHILEHAUS connects activist knowledge with artistic interpretations and presents it in an immersive digital experience, where users overcome the huge physical distance between continents and see the hidden stories behind the visible. It deals with the history and leftovers of the unilaterally lucrative saltpetre mining industry between the city of the profiteers, Hamburg, and the country of the exploited, Chile. The website provides detailed information and additional archive material. Now, the contents will be available in Hamburg.

Please remember to download the app DECOLONIAL GAZE for free from the App Store with a good internet connection.

Application: Around the Chile House - walk-through also digitally recorded, no need to enter the building to have the digital experience.

Eine Kooperation zwischen dem Festival Santiago á Mil in Santiago de Chile und Kampnagel, Hamburg