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KRASS Kultur Crash Festival 4

We’ve got this far, it has happened. Now the people who have fled are really here. The European and German bureaucrats who have spent decades ploughing money and energy into their meticulous attempts to stop this happening, have been brought to their knees because they ignored the ancient wisdom that you cannot stop humans as they flee. And now the economic engine of Europe, as Germany likes to call itself must start a new task. The refugees have arrived from Asia and Africa and have brought with them many truths, which we knew previously, but are now being wrenched into the naked spotlight by the refugees: How deeply Eastern Europe has been pulled into nationalism, how Eastern European governments are indifferent to European values and ideals and which strong fascist energies they – and not only them – carry with them. The Chancellor calls: ‘Heave ho!’ and everyone goes along with it. Really everyone? A small group of eternally outdated cowards and chauvinists assemble for resistance. We shouldn’t confine ourselves to slogans like ‘Refugees Welcome’ and German welcoming culture rather than expressing deep gratitude for the insights that come to Europe with the refugees.

KRASS is supported by Kulturbehörde Hamburg and Stiftung Maritim.